Friday, April 15, 2011

Where do I begin?

So I am starting this blog because I want to share my daily thoughts and experiences as I am still learning to be a Mommy, a Wife, and most recently a fitness coach. 

Every day is a struggle to catch up with the dishes and the laundry and keep my very curious 9 month (almost 10!) old entertained without going crazy.  What is also a top priority in my life is working out and being healthy.  Now many people think because I stay at home that my house should be spotless and I have endless amounts of time to get all of these things done.  So NOT TRUE! When my child is awake I spend most of my time playing with her or trying to keep her out of harm's way.  I spend one of her naps (preferably her morning one) to get my workout done and the other nap to get some housework done.  If I don't get my workout done I find myself to be lazier and maybe sit in front of the TV instead of being productive.  So to those who think you don't have time to work out, from the words of Chalene Johnson "You can't afford not to work out!".  I understand what it's like to not feel like it or think it's overrated, but it's what keeps you happy and positive and that is what my husband and little girl need most! Happy Mommy=Happy Family. 

I still get stressed sometimes, of course who wouldn't with a baby? At least, I hope I am not the only mom in the world who gets frustrated.  By the way my baby's name is Lexie and she is the greatest joy in my life along with my husband Eric. OH! And our pretty Weimereiner Kaymon...poor thing he is number 2 now since his little sister came along. 

This morning for example.  All I want to do is make myself some coffee, toast, and I didn't even need to make my eggs because my husband already did.  I put Lexie in her chair with some Cheerios and juice to hopefully distract her but noooo in the few minutes it takes to make toast with Peanut butter (one of my fav healthy breakfasts/snacks) Lexie likes to scream-MOMMY! PICK ME UP NOW! that's what I interpret anyways.  I'm just want to screamm ahhh just let me make my toast and I will be right there! But I just have to quickly throw it together, put on my happy face and talk to her while I eat quickly and share some of my food with her.  I usually know she is done eating once she starts dropping her food down to Kaymon doggy and giggling when he eats it. 

If anyone follows me on Facebook they know that I am always posting something about my Turbo Jam or Fire or whatever crazy workout it is I do.  Right now I am doing Turbo Fire mixed with the weight lifting workouts of Chalean Extreme.  Turbo Jam/Turbo Fire are the funnest workouts I have ever done.  Not only do they kick your butt but the music is so fun it PUMPS YOU UP.  When Lexie was about 2 months old I decided I wanted to become a beachbody coach and make money by doing what I love.  After 2 months of doing nothing with it, I quit.  I am not ashamed of this, it is what it is.  I did what everyone does and made the excuse that I simply don't have time.  Maybe it really just wasn't the right time..... at that point Lexie was a real struggle it was probably the hardest times with her nightly crying sessions for hours.  Today I am re-commiting and going to try again at this coaching thing.  I KNOW I can do this and I  WILL succeed.  Many people try to put negative thoughts in my head about things...."You will never lose all that weight", etc.  People... I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy and so far I have lost 48.  Now tell me that ain't good!

What really keeps me going is the fact that I have a very supportive husband and he believes in me.  He believed in me the first time I signed up and "failed" and believe in me still. 

Well after it took 45 minutes to get Lexie down for her first nap so I could even write this blog she should be waking up soon and I must make a nutritional shake and eat it before she gets up and it's Lexie/Mommy time!

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