Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I heart Survivor night.

So today was one of those days.... really really bad I was balling my eyes out days.  Sometimes I wonder if I am the only mom who gets this stressed out.  I just don't know what to do when I can't do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G without my baby crying.  I think Lexie is getting another tooth because that is the only explaination for why she was constantly crying all day.  It really just breaks my heart.  I am holding her rubbing her head telling her everything is okay and Mommy is here and she is just balling like someone has hurt her.  Then at some point you know I just want to get dressed or maybe even just use the bathroom and she just screams when I put her down.  By the time I actually get all my articles of clothing on I am crying along with her.  Please Lexie tell mommy what you want pleeeease.  I take her and Kaymon doggie on a walk for 45 minutes about lunch time and for that 45 minutes I could breath and it was great.  Then about 15 or 20 minutes after I easily got her down for a nap which was actually a highlight.  I mean for both of her naps I was able to get her down without a fight now THAT almost made the day better.  When I type it out or try to explain to my husband why my day was so bad it never really seems or sounds as bad as I feel it was.  I can never quite explain it.  Don't get me wrong of course I love to comfort my child and hold her but there's always this point where I just want to make something to eat or you know like I said get dressed and those 5 minutes of screaming just makes me crazy.  Ok SO I just had to vent about my day because to me, it was real bad.  I mean by the end of the day I could just just killed over and went to sleep on demand I was so worn out.  So OKAY on to Survivor night. 

Every Wednesday night is "Survivor Night".  This is something I can thank my husband on.  So his family does this pool where you put in $15 per "Survivor person" you want to have.  Then you randomly draw a person from a hat and that is your person to go for during the season.  If your person wins, you get all the money... pretty sweet huh?  It also gives you a reason to watch Survivor because I can say I never watched it before. 

We always have our friends come over (Julie, Branden and little P-Man (3month old Parker) and Dan) and we all eat dinner before we watch the "big event" haha.  But you know what makes it really cool, is that fact that we have these big dinners and they are healthy.  The fun part is always coming up with something new.  This week was a Pizza Bar, last week was a burrito bar, the week before was umm Lasagna in a crock pot.  All of them ohhh soo good and all made healthy.  People just have this thing against eating healthy but not only can you eat healthy and it taste good, but you don't feel like crap afterwards.  We made our pizza crusts from these little wraps called flat outs and they are 90 calories and 2.5 grams of fat.  We had a whole slew of toppings, which we have tons of leftovers to keep using for the rest of the week.  I made a Hawaiin-ish pizza.  Ham, pineapple, tomato, and mushrooms.  It was sooo yummy! 

Our guy got voted out of the game tonight which stinks... but its okay because I had a good time being with our friends.  It made me forget all about the kind of day I had and I didn't feel guilty after eating such a good dinner. 

We will just have to see what we come up with for next week... after all it is the highlight of our week.  Does that make us dorks?  

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